Hans Günter Radmann Arts and Novels

Pastell - Bleistift - Malerei - Romanautor

Philippines / Pilipinas

Because of my Marriage in 1995 I have a deep Relationship to the Country, the kind of Family Tradition there and the Way of Life. As the Firstborn, my Wife has with me the Role of a responsible Part for Educating, Leading and Supporting in a deep old Tradition. That Aspect is used in my Novels as Background.



In January/February 2020 and October - December 2013 together with my Wife and some Carpenters we build that House, the ARTISTS HOUSE in Aglanot, Philippines. Later it should be a Meeting Place for Bible Studies and Artists, together with the Function as our Place of Living. 

The ARTS HOUSE after the first Construction Phase (shortly before the Covid-19 Crisis)

Tagalog Language / Wikang Filipino

The main Language of the Philippines is Tagalog. My Wife and I are Bible Teachers in a Tagalog-Speaking Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses. (www.jw.org) There are some 90 more Dialects in that Country of the 7600 Islands. The Mother Tongue of my Wife is "Hiligaynon" a Form of the Visayan-Languages. 

2017 I could come together with the wellknown Filipino Artist Momo Dalisay, who lives and works together with other Artists at the Seashore of Lawigan, Antique, Philippines. We discussed many Topics and Aspects of Filipino Culture and the Way to express that in Arts. 

Since 2001 I knew the Painter and Teacher Edmund Bacia from Bacolod City and the BINHI Artists Association.